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Hector Berlioz was in medical school when he decided to become a musical composer. He wholeheartedly embraced his new direction and began work on the operas that would make him internationally famous.

In 1831 Hector fell wildly in love with a young woman in Paris and they were engaged to be married. Hector then traveled to Rome where he entered one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe and won the Grand Prize.

Only in his early twenties and full of success he was preparing to return to Paris to marry nineteen-year-old Marie when he received a message that she had unexpectedly married the wealthy heir to a piano manufacturer.

Hector was furious and immediately decided on an outrageous plan. He had a tailor make a disguise, bought two pistols, and headed for Paris where he intended to kill Marie, her new husband and himself.

While traveling to Paris he stopped to rest on the French Riviera and was so enchanted with the warmth and beauty of the coast that he stayed for three weeks. He loved walking on the Mediterranean beaches and hiking in the snow-covered mountains.

While sitting on a hill overlooking the sea he realized the foolishness of his plan. He abandoned his murderous idea and rethought his life and future. He decided to return to Rome where he established an outstanding career as one of the most popular romantic composers in the world.

You can make good decisions when you refuse to react recklessly. Calm down and spend enough time in prayer to hear God’s voice and get His direction. Don’t impulsively push ahead. Take the time to understand and make the best decision.

The Bible says in Psalm 25:4, “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.” NIV

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