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Vince was frustrated.

He had enjoyed an exceptional career. As a child in small town Ohio, his father left his medical practice when he felt God had called him to Christian ministry. After college Vince felt the same calling and became a Methodist pastor.

While serving a church in Syracuse, New York, he became one of the first religious figures in the United States to broadcast his messages on radio. He enlisted some of the most prominent businessmen of his generation, including J. C. Penny, entertainer, Arthur Godfrey and the founder of IBM, Thomas Watson, to form a partnership to help unemployed businessmen who had lost their jobs in the Great Depression.

In 1952, Vince published a book on mental health that became an international bestseller. Based on this success, he launched a magazine to support his ideas. That’s when his frustration erupted.

The magazine created such financial demands that Vince’s entire ministry faced bankruptcy. He called an emergency meeting of his board and confessed his discouragement and depression. He saw no way to continue and was on the verge of disbanding his organization when Tessie Durlack, a board member, stood up.

Tessie challenged Vince to remember his beliefs. She told him to return to the basics and rebuild his dream. She then dropped a “bomb” on the meeting. She said that Vince’s “mental health” book had changed so many lives for the better that it was time he acted as if he believed his own book.

The result was an electrifying recommitment to the success of the magazine. The periodical was saved and became one of the most successful magazines in American history.

Guideposts was reborn because a woman challenged Norman Vincent Peal to believe his own book, “The Power of Positive Thinking “.

Whatever situations you face, don’t forget the basics. God loves you. He can be trusted. He will “see you through”. Amen!

The Bible says in Psalm 9:10, “Those who know your name, trust in you, for you Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” NIV

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